The court heard detailed testimony of the Feb. 24 incident at the Marais district’s La Perle café that made headlines around the world. Galliano is alleged to have made racist and anti-Semitic remarks in public, a crime in France, punishable by up to six months in prison and a €22,500 fine (or about $32,160). Specifically, Galliano is alleged to have called Géraldine Bloch, 35, a “dirty Jewish face,” and her friend Philippe Virgitti, 41, a “f—-ing Asian bastard.” (English-speakers in the courtroom struggled to stifle nervous laughter as the lead judge’s heavy French accent produced “Derrrty Jayweesh Fesse” and “Fooking Ahzeean Bastarte.”) Galliano also is alleged to have called Fathia Oummedour, 48, a “f—-ing dirty Jew bitch” at the same café in October 2010. Oummedour came forward to press charges after news of the February incident broke, she says, out of support for Bloch and Virgitti.