The guy with the Temps des Cerises sign calls out, “Ça c’est de la manif! Au Trocadéro, c’est une réunion de Tupperware!” (Now this is a real demo! Sarkozy’s rally at Trocadero is a Tupperware party!)

The young people standing up on the Bastille statue pillars chanted a demo standard: “Sarko, t’es foutu! La jeunesse est dans la rue!” (Sarko, you’re screwed! The youth is in the streets!)

It’s been a day of kids on their parents’ shoulders. The one in this set is clapping along to l’Internationale, the 19th-century socialist anthem, blaring from a union van’s PA.

The lefty and far-right demos had something else in common: the Sarko Dégage paraphernalia.

— Tracy McNicoll

At Sarkozy’s Mayday rally (in every sense of the word), this kid has a better spot than most. During his speech, crowd breaks into, “Hol-lande, en Corrèze! Sar-ko-zy à l’El-y-sée!” … Afterwards, spontaneous Marseillaise sung by Sarko supporters spilling into this posh 16th arrondissement street, as locals applaud from their windows.

— Tracy McNicoll